More Poll Improvements [Suggestions]


Reset Poll:
When editing poll, the poll creator can click a button and all users who have voted will automatically be unvoted.

Multiple Polls:
Poll creators have the option to create multiple polls within the same thread and users have a method (example: drop down list), to switch between polls on the same thread and vote in each of them separately if they want to.
Note: Poll creator can delete any one of the polls if needed & edit each poll separately.

Unvote option:
Poll creators have the option to allow whether or not people can unvote from the poll or not. There should be a tick/untick option for this, when creating/editing the poll.
Note: Instead of just switching votes, some people want to cancel their vote altogether.

Auto post when voting:
Option that makes the user auto posts, when they vote a specific option within a poll inside a thread.
When they unvote, it also makes the user auto post. There should be a tick/untick option for this, when creating/editing the poll.
Mark640 has voted [Yes] on the poll [Are babies cute?]
Mark640 has unvoted [Yes] on the poll [Are babies cute?]

Acceding/Descending order:
Tick/Untick box when creating poll/editing poll, to display the votes either in descending or ascending order.

Hide Results:
Let users hide poll results for everyone but Moderators, Administrators and the thread owner himself. They can choose to hide the results forever, or to show them automatically when the thread is closed or hit timeout.
Features- Hide poll results forever
- Hide poll results until poll is closed or poll hits timeout.
- Shows a notice to Users that see the results (Moderators, Admin and thread starter) that the results are hidden.
- The settings can be changed when creating a poll or via edit poll

Loved the improvements. Hopefully more are on there way :)

- I know the guide to suggestions ( say you shouldn't clump up many suggestions. But these are all just for one aspect of the forums (poll section) and I didn't want to have to post multiple times, stating each suggestions separately, as I think all of these suggestions should be implemented and it's more easily seen, if it's just in one thread.
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