Lack of interest [Suggestion] Allow staff to monitor new profile posts


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In order to allow profile post content to be reviewed, without the use of a moderation queue, there needs to be some function to see the latest profile posts. Ideally this would be added to 'what's new' or alternatively it could be a separate stream.

News feeds do not work for this purpose. Try keeping track of everyones news feed on a big board, when you do not need to see anything else than new profile discussions and new threads. It will not work, when you need to wade trough irrelevant information like: each reply separately, likes, new avatars.

If there is no way for staff to review new content that is posted to profiles, then boards are forced to use a moderation queue, which is not user friendly.


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Excellent topic. It is not just big forums, it is all forums that care about those things.

Likes, posts, threads, new avatars are all visible by scanning the threads. Status changes & profile posts are not.

We will need to see those, and will probably modify the code to have a separate button. Probably it will be a filtering of the 'everyones news feeds'.