Suddenly, newly registered members have no permission to view anything


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This happened at some point yesterday. I only became aware of this after members used the contact from.
I used the Test Permission tool and confirm that all newly registered members after a certain point yesterday all received "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." message on ALL pages.

I thought of an addon conflict, however, disable addons one by one does not seem to fix it.
What I did was click on each member, assign them to a secondary usergroup and then changed it back it registered usergroup.

Waking up this morning, I got the notification by another member that it's happening again and those I thought I fixed yesterday still have the problem as well as all new members since then.

My guess is the permission table somehow got corrupted after a specific time point.

Is there anything I can do to fix it?


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Did you make any changes at all yesterday to the usergroup permissions for the Registered usergroup?


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Did you make any changes at all yesterday to the usergroup permissions for the Registered usergroup?
Nope. That would be obvious thing to check first.
xfrocks just helped me to realize that the permission does not depend on the usergroup but rather the permission_combination_id column in xf_user table.
I take a look at this and saw that the dozen of newly registered members with this problem has their permission_combination_id value = 0 instead of 2.

Normally, registered members will have user_group_id = 2 and display_style_group_id = 2 resulting in permission_combination_id value = 2

What happens is for the few members with problem, user_group_id = 2 and display_style_group_id = 0 resulting in permission_combination_id value = 0

What I temporarily do to fix is change the main usergroup for these members and change it back, and the permission_combination_id is calculating correctly.

I do not know why their display_style_group_id = 0. Is this a problem with mysql not being able to update properly? How do I narrow down the culprit?

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This turns out to be caused by sonnb- Stop Spam Here 1.1.8 addon.
He has released a new version that fixed it.
I was gonna say... this smells like an addon or external script that is botching the permission combo.