XF 1.4 Subscription upgrade credit


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As our subscription package won't migrate on import into XF I'll be creating a new package. Some of my users will have unused months on their old subscriptions. Is it possible to give those members x amount of credit to apply to their first subscription via XF or an add-on?



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Thanks Brogan Took your time. ;)

So once they subscribe just add on the extra months they're owed? Seems simple enough. Does that feed back to Paypal to amend when the renewal is due? I thought once a subscription was created the renewal anniversary was fixed.


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It doesn't feed anything back to PayPal in that regard (I don't think it could). When the upgrade renews, it would add the additional time onto the current expiration date, so they would strictly be receiving the renewal before absolutely required.


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Thanks. If it's re-occuring I'd imagine they'd also pay earlier than required. I may have to monitor subscriptions for the first year & just manually credit anyone who's owed or set up asubscription manually for the balance of their term then they can resubscribe.