Fixed Submit Reply while still uploading


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Have noticed this a couple of times now.

If you copy / paste an image into the editor, and submit while the image is still uploading, the post still be submitted, but the attachment not. The attachment is then available in the next reply.

Would it be possible to disable the Post Reply if an attachment is still uploading?


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First, disabling the post button is a bad idea IMO. It's possible for failures to keep it disabled. So that approach is really a non-starter.

The alternative would be to just do it how we do regular attachments: give you an indication if they're uploading. Unfortunately, that isn't actually simple. The attachment queue event, for example, has some SWFUpload assumptions in it (such as when taking certain actions or just the data in the event). This then follows on to some of the other events.

This would have to be revisited in the future.


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Oh as a side note, you should see the ajax progress indicator while it's uploading at least.