Subdomains for forums (and Threads)


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Hey everybody,

i could need a little bit help with this one. I'm not sure if it's just a server configuration or if this needs also a custom development.

So right now the urls look like this:

Now i would like to have a subdomain for each (or most) of my forums.

So then it would be like

Threads should be only reachable under that custom node subdomain.


I know i have to modify my NGINX configuration for this need. But is this possible inside XenForo? And how?

I would for someone who could help me out with this! :)

Thanks in advance



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Hey XCentral,

thanks for your reply. I think a complete multisite-System would be a little bit of a overhead.


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Yes, i also think i can do it with the Multisite system. But i don't like to install a huge AddOn just to use one particular feature (out of "100"). I would only use like 2% of the Multisite System.

I thought there would be another way, but i guess i have to do a custom development.