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Styling a new forum


Well-known member
is just not my thing anymore, I don't think. I used to LOVE to design. Now it just seems too much effort to bother with. Been like this for a over a year.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about this new forum I'm starting up, but designing for it... not so much.

Is there anything about starting a new forum that you don't particularly like?


It's a matter of understanding how xenforo does it :)

But yeah, building communities .. I used to have a passion for it. Now it's just a hobby to have. I don't know for how long - this is probably the last year.

Fred Sherman

Well-known member
I don't mind creating the site, or even getting it going. I just grow tired of the daily management, the fights against the damned spambots, human spammers, or people who just get off on being disruptive.
Maybe its a guy thing? I like to build and create, but when it gets into the more maternal nuturing phase, I'd just as soon give it to someone else and build a new one?

I will say this though, XF is by far the best when it comes to automating as much of the management of the unruly as possible. Its not fun, but at least the tools are there to keep it from being a total beatdown. Major props to Jaxel and XenUtils on that too.