Styles List Order


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Is there a way to set the Styles display order?

Example, from Admin Panel, they are specifically set like this:

Main Style 1
-- Style 1, Sub Style 1
-- Style 1, Sub Style 2
-- Style 1, Sub Style 3

Main Style 2
-- Style 2, Sub Style 1
-- Style 2, Sub Style 2
-- Style 2, Sub Style 3

But they're ordered fairly messy on the Style Chooser. If I add a Style 1, Sub Style 4 after that structure is already there, it just adds it available after Style 2, Sub Style 3.

I'm okay with the Style Chooser's look, but looking to organize the structures together for selection. Coming from vBulletin, where it's organized together as such.



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AFAIK there's no way to change the display order of styles but you could create your own style chooser pretty easily in templates.

Is there any guides here that would help? I figured out the templates part, but I couldn't find any guides on how to customize it.

I also noticed it lists exactly the way I've described it in the account preferences.