XF 1.2 Style / URL Issue ?


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Hey all,

Ive just setup a fresh localhost and installed XF, Now i imported a style i am working on for my project and forgot to turn on "Friendly URL's" and my style was all out of whack / the extra .css im using was not being read etc etc.. now i was racking my brain for a good hour trying to work out why my style was broken when i knew the last .xml import i did was of a working version..

Anyways I am using references like such in my header:

  <link href="{xen:link 'assets/css/animations.css'}" rel="stylesheet">
  <script src="{xen:link 'assets/js/jquery.min.js'}"></script>
Could this be contributing to my style being out of whack ?

Apologizes the PC i am using does not have Firebug installed so ive not been able to debug this myself.. just hoping someone could shed some light on this as i will be releasing styles and will not have control over whether people using my work have "Friendly URL's" switched on.

Thanks in advanced, I will look into this myself also once home but just wanted to confirm this / address this before i release any work, cheers.

Regard, Darren


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xen:link should only be used with actual links with routes. jQuery should already be included, and as for your CSS, why don't you just create a new template?
TY Jeremy :)

Just working on my localhost I use local files just simply for the speed factor.. I can save / edit my .CSS / .JS files a little quicker. Appreciate your Feedback and Advice :)
I had planned on digging through a few XF Styles before i release any of my own just to see how others were approaching little things like that, but to get feedback from good / experienced people like yourself will result in my releases being of higher quality so Thanks a lot.

Regards, Darren


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Awesome TY Jeremy !!! :)

I really am planning on spending a solid week reading / researching and looking at how i can improve on what ive learned about XF to date to ensure high quality releases.. Really appreciate your help.

Here is where i am at so far with my Design for Expertpixels.com http://i.imgur.com/NgLOIw8.png