Lack of interest Style Suggestions After Playing With XenForo

I have a suggestion, its something that is small and probably does not mean a lot to many people but as a designer it would be helpful if when I'm editing a style that I do not have to keep on clicking on the "Style" link and then click on the style I'm working on. It would cut down a huge amount of time and its really annoying to have to navigate all the way back to the beginning to get to what I was doing. Anytime I click on anything in the style area it always goes back to the default style and I end up changing something in that style when I do not want to. I create style separate from my default and do not want to be redirected to the default style every time I make a change and do anything as I never put a clients style as the default style on my site, that is not productive and would be pointless to do. So the automatic redirect to the default is a killer and highly annoying to me.

Also I suggest you improve the search feature in the style area. Its pretty bad, I can never find what I'm looking for. I use Firebug to get what the div tag is and the name of it, then do a search in the templates and many times get absolutely nothing at all in the results. So the search really can prove useless unless it finds the item you are looking for. I've tried setting it for every setting in it, and still would most of the time come up with nothing even though the div tag is truly there and exists. This makes many elements hard to find and makes it hard to customize the styles.