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Style Properties locations

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by Frankenfurter, May 17, 2013.

  1. Frankenfurter

    Frankenfurter Member

    Hi, I need a little help in locating the sections of the Styling Properties (or templates) to edit certain parts of my forum's skin.

    1) I'm uncertain what I had done here; however, how can I create two columns for these links in the drop-down menu?


    2) Where in the Styling Properties, can I edit where these two sections?


    3) From someone's profile page, I was wondering, how to edit the colour/background of where the status is written:


    4) I was also wondering on where I would need to go in order to edit the font colour of the "Following" and "Followers" as well as to give it a background like the other sidebars:


  2. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    You'll probably have to use EXTRA.css to specifically style most of those areas. Finding the classes will be easy if you use a code inspector built into all browsers.

    The one column issue you are having is probably due to a border being adjusted you will have to adjust the width to fix this. Also, it's probably best if you just link to your forum/style so anyone passing by can debug the issues your having making it easier than looking at screenshots.

    Edit: Adjusting the menu and fixing the 1 column issue you can increase the width by adding the following in the EXTRA.CSS template.You might not need to use !important so try it without first and if that doesn't fix the issue add it back in.

    #AccountMenu {
        width: 276px !important;
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  3. Frankenfurter

    Frankenfurter Member

    The code you gave helped. :) Thank you. I have also managed to find where in the Style Properties I can edit it as well as edited 2).

    As for 4), what code would be put in order to edit the "Following" and "Followers" section's background and header font colour?

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