XF 1.1 Style Properties Loads Slow

Brent W

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On Chrome (Mac) the style properties loads incredibly slow and causes a slight hang when saving any properties.

For example, clicking on Style Properties: General takes about 6 seconds to load in the browser even though it shows less than a second rendering with debug enabled.

Seems to be caused by the use of javascript. Anyone else experiencing this?

Edit: This does not happen in Safari.
It looks like this problem (base on the timeline information)

I've tried to verify if the problem was caused by a external script (jquery + components) but it's not the case. It comes from the xenforo.js when objects are created and activated.

I'm not sure it's XenForo's fault... When you log elements inside the console which are created and activated, it appears that on Firefox, the page is first displayed then the elements are still being loading (it think both process are done at the same time), whereas on Chrome the page is only displayed after all elements have been loaded...
Sorry to dig this up, but I've been experiencing this too. Any potential solution to this issue or is it something that Chrome will have to address?
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