Awaiting feedback Structured Data Errors

Brent W

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It appears since XenForo implemented author/person markup the standards have changed. We have this showing up in our Search Console:

Screenshot 2016-10-06 04.57.07.png

Chris D

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It seems the default style seems to be working fine and we have the "name" property.

If that loads for you then in the right column click "Person" followed by "name" and in the left column it will highlight where it has detected that within the code, e.g.
<a href="members/bamastangguy.90/" class="username" dir="auto" itemprop="name">BamaStangGuy</a>

This could well be an issue with a custom style.

Chris D

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I found the thread that appears to be mentioned in your screenshot above; the mark up of your users can be slightly different but I think that is username styling. Even so, the Structured Data tool doesn't flag up any errors. I might need to look into exactly what the spec is here to be sure.


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I also had this and found out it where guest accounts from our old vb forum that you could not click (not associated with any group). Strange enough a few registered accounts also. You can check this in the thread with the errors.

I fixed this by doing a database query to put those accounts under 1 guest account (just named an account guest). Not best method, but where older obselete posts.

An other option would have been to assign the posts and threads to an user account, but a lot of work. There is also an add-on for this i think.

But not nescessary now because the xenforo 1.5.12 update only gives structured data for registered accounts. So i probably better waited :p
  • In messages, only output the "person" metadata for registered members

It takes some time for google to crawl and adjust this.
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