XF 2.0 Stripe payments are stuck as "Pending" in XR Product Manager


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I've been redirected to these troubleshooting forums by Chris from xr-dev after experiencing an issue with Stripe payments while using his XR Product Manager addon. My original bug report is below:


I use the Product Manager to sell xenforo themes on my site, offering instant downloads once the payment has been made. I've been using Stripe as a payment method for many months and everything has worked smoothly. I recently upgraded XF from 2.0.9 to 2.0.10. Since then, all Stripe orders are stuck on a "Purchase state" of Pending, even though I have received the payments and they are marked as "Succeeded" on Stripe.

Prior to the upgrade, all orders were successfully processed automatically and my customers were granted instant access to their product. Post-upgrade, I must manually approve all orders which can sometimes result in significant delays for my customers due to time zone differences.

I have Payment Provider Logs which I'm able to send privately to developers, however I wouldn't be confident posting them publicly as they contain private information. To be brief, Stripe transactions in the log looked like this in 2.0.9:
Information: Customer and plan/charge created
Information: OK, no action
Payment: Payment received, license enabled/extended

Since the upgrade, they are now:
Information: Customer and plan/charge created
Information: OK, no action
Error: Event data received from Stripe does not contain the expected values.

Customers are constantly messaging me informing me of the error, however I'm a little stuck since I'm not sure if it's an error with the Product Manager or with XF 2.0.10. I have since disabled Stripe payments for certain products until the error is fixed, which is a less than ideal solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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I too have been getting this recently multiple times using TH Donation manager. I believe this is XF stripe provider causing the issue. Also running 2.0.11

Payments were marked successful by stripe btw.

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