String with UTC time


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In another thread ( I have asked for help how I can display UTC time in xenForo. Unfortunately it's not possible at this time because the lack of support for the necessary time functions. However, I was told by Jake that what I want to acheive is possible with the help of a template hook:

Here it is in Jakes own words:

It's possible with a template hook listener. Here is a code example of a template hook:

For your purposes you can use the "ad_header" hook which will insert your content in the ad_header template.

Then you need to write the code to build the current time string in UTC and append it to the $contents of the hook.

If you are not a programmer then you can post a request:
The output string I try to acheive is: HH:SS UTC

This is what I have so far:


Help on this one would be appreciaated. Tell me what you want in return. Thanks!