XF 1.5 Strange Inactivity Timeouts


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Since a couple of days i get really mad with so called "Inactivity Timeouts" each time i try to install or uninstall addons. The biggest problem here is, that it just deletes the addon out of the list without uninstall it really.
And also no "run-deferred" option in adressline yet. So after that i cannot uninstall that addon at all.
I have to re-install it again...which ends up many times the same way (just that i can see it again in the list)
That timeout comes after a couple of seconds only and my server is set to 600 seconds in php.ini and also httpd.conf.

I also didn't ANY changes on the server in the last days, so that becomes always more strange to me and i hope this is a known problem and you know how to fix it.

Thx in advance for your support.

Some Info:

XF: 1.5.7 SERVER: CentOS 6.7 PHP: 5.6.20 MYSQL: 5.7.12 PLESK: 12.5.30

Inactivity Timeout
Description: Too much time has passed without sending any data for document.
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