RM 1.1 Strange Firefox behaviour


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I have one strange problem. I do not know where to look for problem solution.

In Resources options in ACP, I have allowed rar extension, but if I want to upload resource that is rar-ed, i can not see that file in firefox new window (when you click on upload your resource), but I can see rar file when I try that from Chrome or IE. More strange is that firefox recognize rar file if I upload attachment in post.

So, it is not Xenforo permision i think, it is firefox permission, but I do not know where to look more.


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Unfortunately, it is likely a Flash issue as that box is entirely created by Flash. This might be a recent regression, specific to some of the changes made in Firefox for example. As such, there wouldn't really be much we could do to prevent it.


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I use last version of firefox.
It is annoying that is some firefox bug or glitch that flash uploader work with rar attachment in posts, but not with rar files in resources.