Strange code on new user


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We had a new user sign up the other day and i believe it is a spambot so i told my mods to keep an eye out on it. One of my mods clicked to view his profile and this appears..

Now i haven't looked through all user profiles but it seems to have only happened on this new users, is there an explanation? The code also carries on to the right but obviously it is not scrolled over to it.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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It's a template error caused by the Post Rating Add On.

What specifically causes it, I'm unsure, but it's definitely that add on causing it.


Maybe because he doesn't have any posts/ratings/hadn't rated anything..

Don't know what the addon is exactly doing, so it's only a guess... (i'm interested in it, but don't have any live xenforo board, so i don't have a use for it ATM)