XF 2.0 Stop massive influx of spam


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I'm running the latest release of XenForo. I've tried Recaptcha, Q&A, but nothing seems to stop this massive influx of spam. Every morning I have three pages of spam that requires cleaning up.

I welcome any and all recommendations.


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Are there any robust add-ons to combat spam? For 1.0, I used a number of add-ons, but not sure if anyone has built them for 2.0. This Q&A did nothing to stop it.


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What are your settings in Spam Management in the ACP? A screenshot would be useful.
Have you got a Project Honey Pot key?
Have you got an Akismet API key?

Q&A does work but it's worth using more than one question and making the questions a bit more niche so that they cannot be answered by bots.