XF 2.2 Stop Changing Permalink on Thread Title Change



I noticed that when using the "friendly URLs" option, changing the thread title also changes the URL irrespective of how long the thread has been posted. Is there any tweak to modify this behavior?

Constantly changing the permalink (for search-engine-indexed posts) without redirecting the old one is something I'd like to stop since I still have a few other threads to tweak their titles.
This is still an issue, for those of us using Friendly URLs, regardless.

If Google crawls this new URL before they crawl the old URL, it treats it as a new URL.

In order for the rankings of the previous page to pass to the new page, it must crawl the old URL first, register the 301 redirect and pass the rank to the new URL.

Meaning, if you have a high ranking page and you change the title of the thread, you've just lost that rank and have to accrue it over time again.

If anyone has evidence to the contrary let me know.
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