1. Artonn

    XF 2.2 MyBB redirections to Xenforo

    Hello Xenforo. I am currently migrating from MyBB to Xenforo and I have some important links that people share, and I would very much like to have these redirected corretly in my new forum. I heard that it was somehow possible to tell search engines to stop using the old links too? Anyways...
  2. biafraland

    XF 2.2 Stop Changing Permalink on Thread Title Change

    Hello, I noticed that when using the "friendly URLs" option, changing the thread title also changes the URL irrespective of how long the thread has been posted. Is there any tweak to modify this behavior? Constantly changing the permalink (for search-engine-indexed posts) without...
  3. ininges

    XF 2.0 Problems with redirects

    Hi, I am having issues with some redirects that affect my attempts to use SEO2 AMP configuration. I believe the problem is in XF301BV but haven't the knowledge to demonstrate it, can only explain to you what happens: SEO2 creates a new URL in format...
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