Lack of interest Stock Avatars for members to choose


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My old forum software has a feature where a default set of many avatars (uploaded by the admin, of course) is available for choosing by members. Since many people are not familiar with image manipulations, this can be a good idea. I've noticed that some of our members use it.

It would probably be easy to implement - so here is the suggestion!

Jake Bunce

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I have seen Kier say no to this before. One reason is that stock avatars have no identifying value which is more relevant in XF than other apps given the extensive use of avatars in XF.


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Thanks, Jake!
Of course, no doesn't always mean no forever, so hopefully he will keep it in the suggestions for some future time.
It would seem that multiple generics are not more confusing than a set of just three (gender)....but, in any case, this is far down the list of what he should spend his time on unless the spirit hits him (or an add-on designer, but much better as core so upgrades are not needed and conflicts resolved).


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Yep, that's the feature!
A lot of folks are poor at images, so allowing a stock set helps them at least have something - even if it is a nice graphic which says " Member", etc.