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I'm noticing some strange things that started happening a while back and I'm just getting around to asking for help.

I"m noticing a lot of things aren't really refreshing properly. My contacts page that shows data last logged in is way off for a lot people. The Members Online and visits in the last 24 hours isn't registering right. I attached a screenshot that demonstrates that. It says 1 user in the last 24 hours but says 7 user are online right now ... how's that even possible? lol


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Thanks for the quick response @Chris D, I don't know why I thought you had coded it... I knew you had done one.
@rowedf, post in the add-on discussion that you are using and see if they might have any ideas on why it's not updating (I'm pretty sure that is where the problem lay since it is the one you detailed). Since this area is targeted at XenForo support specifically you are less likely to get an answer since not everyone uses that add-on. Each add-on has a discussion area for the resource (button on the right side of the screen "Discuss this resource"). Post the message there and you are more likely to get help. You image actually looks like the one that @Chris D related (using the phrasing display shown) so it may be the one he is referring to - but only you would know which one of the two you used.
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If you're not running 1.2.5, I would recommend upgrading to that and seeing if you still have the problem after (say) 24 hours.