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XF 1.4 Statistics Missing from Tools Page

I recently installed Xenforo 1.4.5, and imported data from VB 3.8.7. I noticed in the CP that, under tools, there is no 'statistics' menu at all, however I believe it should be there. I compared my install against the XenForo demo, and I am actually missing a number of options - some of which are due to license upgrades.

Is 'statistics' part of a license upgrade? I am going live with the upgraded site in a couple of weeks and would like to ensure this is worked out. I will perform a couple more dry runs, but before I do, I wanted to see what you all thought.



Tools___Admin_CP_-_Allison_Owners.jpg Tools___Admin_CP_-_XenForo_Demo.jpg


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Ensure 'View statistics' is checked for the administrator permissions.

Click on the administrator name in the admin list: admin.php?admins/