XF 2.2 Latest "NOT READ" messages missing from Whats new

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From here, is missing a tab for calling ONLY the latest messages NOT READ. How can i set this tab?
Now, users read all the latest messages, including messages already read.
they need a list of NON READ LATEST messages. sems to be a basic calling, isn't it?

i try to search for hours in admin control panel without success... is there a way to show this kind of list?
Should to be Ultimi Messaggi, the second tab
Ok, we've tested this filter, and.... really, the filter don't work properly.
All the users (may the 99% of users) use 2 filters: Unread contents and Followed contents.

If we chose these 2 filter... it show a mess. becouse the first one show very ALL contents not read, including all the content that users don't follow. And the secondo filter Show ALL the content followed by users, including READ ones.

The behaviour is this: with these 2 filter enabled, if i read a listed content, then it will continue to appear in the list. Then already, appear content NOT read but that i have not in the followed contents...

mmm... have you tried it?
Uhhhh... what do you expect he followed content filter to do... filter out already read ones and only do "new" ones? To me, if you want to filter based upon your followed content, then you see all of it... and most likely with any unread listed at the top and highlighted unless the style is so fubar'ed that it doesn't distinguish new links from already viewed by highlight.

As for unread... yep, they are going to show ANY unread content in all areas of the site.

And from what see, you can't "combine" those two filters... you select one or the other. Even if you use any "template magic" the default behavior will occur until you extend XF via an add-on.
I'm sure if you want a more detailed filtering based upon new posts but only in areas that the user is following, a bespoke add-on can be coded to do such.

As for "have you tried it"... yep.

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Unread posts on the site... even in areas I really don't care about.

And now my watched/followed content - again, topics that I have already read, but are still followed by me.

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Unless I'm missing my point... it appears what YOU want is only unread followed topics... and that isn't a "default" ability... as I said, AFAIK it will require an add-on.
yeah exactly, unread followed topics is what users were wont to see in vbulleti.
vbulletin was old-like structure and template, yes, but it has very much smart functions for a "community" utilization.
Your watched show ALL watched, including all that you have already read.
Your Unread show ALL unread including all that you are not watching (in a big forum as ours are too much category and discussions for a single user that have just 2-3 interest).
What we need is just unread followed topics.
If you enable those 2 filter together, you do not gain unread followed topics, but ALL watched or not watched and already read and not read... a mix of things not march the real need of users.

Tracy Perry has understand very well what i try to find in xenforo.
If you enable those 2 filter together, you do not gain unread followed topics, but ALL watched or not watched and already read and not read... a mix of things not march the real need of users.
When i enable those 2 filter together i only see my UNREAD WATCHED CONTENT. 🤷‍♂️

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Note that the WATCHED filter already separates read and unread content.
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No, it doesn't appear anymore, but maybe you used the backspace in your browser and at that moment it even appears read because you are on the same filter/search request if you make a new one on it read content disappears. I suggest that you select the 2 filters UNREAD and WATCHED then save them by default so that each time you go to NEW POSTS you will have a "new" UNREAD and WATCHED request with the correct results.
We all yes. Even if it is already read it showing with filter Unread set to on.
If you use backspace it still appears but unbold.
I don't speak English fluently so maybe I don't quite understand your problem but everything seems to be working fine.

I understand that you come from vBulletin and you have habits there... some of which at least will have to be forgotten. The way XF works on certain points can be confusing when you discover them, it's neither worse nor better each time but it's different.

Here in the case that you explain and from what I understood everything works fine provided you use the function correctly.
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