Add-on Start Conversation shown on Member List?


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Possible? Easy to add?


Maybe just some text beside their username "Start Converstation", or the ability to add an icon beside it?

Just curious...

Or is this out somewhere, and I have overlooked it?
Looks good, I'll try and integrate this into the next version of Member List Manager.

If some other dev would like to have a go or guide me on how to incorporate this, it would be great.
This should be a simple template edit.

And probably more appropriate as a TMS mod as I doubt there's any hooks in the right places.

I think the code would literally be:

<a href="{xen:link conversations/add, '', to={$visitor.username}}">Start a Conversation</a>
I did this. Also added it under the avatar on the postbit - so it appears beside every forum message and on profile page under the avatar pic top of sidebar.

Didnt have TMS in those days.
I got to learn TMS and redo all my tweaks!
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