XF 1.1 Start a new conversation - with who?

Neil E.

Active member
Let's say user1 can't remember the spelling of user2's nickname. How does he/she easily find out? Can this be done while staying on the conversation page or does user1 have to start up a new tab/browser window to search the memberlist? Is there a recommended way to add multiple participants to the participants list?

Is there anything built into the forum software that checks if a username is valid during text entry into "Participants"? Any warning that a username doesn't exist? What happens if an incorrect username is added?

Neil E.

Active member
OK, that dropdown helps a lot. Search is fine if they remember to use their back button to return to the conversation page.

The one thing that seems to be missing is a "start conversation" button on every post. This would be the fastest way to create a conversation with a user.

Clicking on a username to bring up the overlay allows for starting a conversation, but requires an extra step.


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When I begin a Conversation, names start appearing as I type each letter of a username. It makes it pretty easy to do without knowing how to spell the username.