StarMade Dock - Official StarMade Forums


We've been redoing all our websites at StarMade, and after a trial with IPB and almost a release with IPB, we decided to use XenForo for our official forums! Been loving XenForo ever since we decided to make the switch.

Before XenForo we were using Drupal, with the advanced forum module. Definitely one of the worst experiences I've had with forum software, boy that was fun. We migrated all the accounts from the old website to our ruby on rails site, and created an OAuth2 system for the forums. We didn't migrate the posts, so the users are regaining all the good posts on the new site and all the bad ones are left behind!

Old Drupal site:
(As you can see a major improvement from our old site)

The main site and forum design was done by our master website designer @Audentio :D You're a great addition to our family!

Still a WIP, been open for the past week or so, in the process of creating custom addons for specific StarMade features. All feedback will be greatly appreciated.