Star Wars Galaxies


Star Wars Galaxies is a play-by-post roleplay set before the events of Star Wars The Force Awakens but after Return of The Jedi. Adhering close to the canon that has already been established prior to SWFA, SWG prides itself in being able to provide a place to roleplay in the wave of the new Star Wars material instead of the usual 'Legacy'-era material.

It's been almost 30 years since the fall of the second Death Star and the splintering of the Galactic Empire. The Rebellion, now known as the Resistance, has a much larger following and are actively engaged around the Galaxy with what is left of the still powerful Galactic Empire. The Empire, now rebranded as the First Order are just as dastardly evil but are even more hell bent on the subjugation and control of the galaxy. With the Resistance and the First Order in a fiery battle the Jedi Order has begun to slowly grow back with the help of new Jedi around the galaxy expanding their influences. The Sith, however, are secretly amassing inside the ranks of the First Order, just as how Darth Vader operated within the Empire many years ago.
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