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As you're (hopefully) well aware, the third entry in the Star Wars Battlefront series is launching later this year for Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC. I'm a huge fan of the series, and I wanted to create a great Star Wars Battlefront forum for lovers of the franchise to come hang out, discuss news, strategies & more.

Maybe you're just a fan of Star Wars in general? I'm catering specific sections of the forum to allow people to celebrate the IP as a whole. The site is still a bit in its infancy, but I'd love to have you check it out & register if you're at all interested in the upcoming game.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be building out a wiki & looking to build up the community's population. I haven't marketed it much lately, but that should all change now that the marketing machine behind the game will be in full force.

Feel free to browse around it, register & provide any feedback that you may have on it!


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I really like the look of the forum. Dark but not dark. Love the background and nav. The only thing I would charge are the icons-I would change them to something Star-Wars-y. Great job!