Stange vBulletin happenings

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Not sure if only I'm seeing this, so took picture to post here and see if anyone else is seeing this multicoloured bar running down the screen in the side-panel boxes on vBulletin forums?

Just checked with Chrome and IE 7, seeing it using them also. So it's not browser specific to FF only.

I would suggest reporting it to vBulletin.
Not a member there, maybe someone here who is can hop over and make a post reporting it linking back to this picture. Or copy picture from here and post it there.


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I think this is reason:
Bug reporting?


I have recently discovered a minor exploit in vBulletin. The nature of this bug is through the stylesheet, and allows the user's avatar to expand the visitor messaging pages massively.

I do not own a license to vBulletin, so I am unable to create a new issue in the bug tracker. If you can provide me with an alternative resource where I can explain the details of this exploit, I would greatly appreciate it.

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