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Staff Only! Staff Only!

Matthew Hawley

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Matthew Hawley submitted a new resource:

Staff Only! Staff Only! - Places a block over a node.

Okay, so the title and description might be a little confusing, so hopefully this picture will make it clearer.


1. Go to forum_list and find:
<xen:hook name="forum_list_nodes">

2. Add this right above it:
<xen:if is="{xen:helper ismemberof, $visitor, 2}"><div class="staffOnly">
<h3 style="font-size:20px;color: white;font-weight: bold;margin-left: 23%;padding-top: 40px !important;">Only cool people get to come in here.</h3>...

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This certainly a good idea will use this not so much for staff forums but will change to members upgrades blanking out nodes users don't have access to, this way they will see the node they are aspiring to become

Matthew Hawley

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This is what I'm actually using as the text. I figured most people wouldn't put that there so i used "Staff Only! Staff Only!"

I'm trying to think of something funnier to use...


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I have played with the code a bit but can't get it to work properly.

After following the instruction I get a white gap on the top of the node list about the size of the cover. Even after putting the css in place correctly over the private forum the white gap stays.

Secondly when i resized the browser (i am on responsive) the cover moved away from the forum I was hiding. Does this only work on non-responsive forums?

The idea is very cool though (y)