Staff-Only Section


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Do you guys have staff-only sections? If so, where you have them?

We do on KH-Flare, and I had it on top of everything else for the longest time. However, shortly before we moved to XenForo, I decided to move it to the very bottom just to see how that worked.

Also, typically, what do you use it before? We've got:
Site Management
- XenForo Updates
- Staff Applications
- Site Resources
-- Resource Discussion
-- Resource Graveyard

Staff Lounge
Research Lab
Recycle Bin


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Yes, at the top:
  • Moderators (general modding / site dev chat)
    • Reported Items
    • Member Issues (title is username then posts detail any problems / requests; acts as placeholder / reference tool for any previous action we've taken)


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I have it at the bottom, but I also use the Staff Room Unread mod by @Daniel 'RTRD' so staff can see at a glance if there are new items in there :)

Mine consists of :
  • Team Lounge
    • Reports
    • Member Issues
    • Trash
  • Admin Forum
    • Site Development
I always keep a development forum in my admin area for my own use, keeping notes of any modifications I've made on the site :D