XF 1.5 Staff listings page without member rankings by posts?

Amin Sabet

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My members don't want a page where they are ranked by post count, so I set "View member lists" permission to "No", which effectively removes the Member tab from navigation.

Is there another way to show them the staff listings page, or does that require an addon. If the latter, does anyone know of such an addon?

Or if there is another way to remove the rankings without revoking view member lists permissions, that would be great as well.


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I figured out a way. Just use a link like "/members/?ug=X" where X is a usergroup containing all staff.
You may find my Icewind Staff add-on useful for this. It gives you the options to display staff and/or any other groups in their own tabs or on the notable members page, or even display all on one page. I have an other add-on that removes staff from the most likes/most posts, etc listings. You can check my profile->resources to locate them, :)

Best of all, all my add-ons are gluten free.