Duplicate Split watched threads option - creating / replying


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At the moment the option is bundled together for creating and replying, but I think people use forums differently now I know I do.

Currently we have:

Watch threads when creating or replying - yes/yes with email/no


Watch threads when creating - yes/yes with email/no
Watch threads when replying - yes/yes with email/no

I would set the default so people automatically watch threads they start, with email and alerts, and then just mark threads they've posted in. I would then offer links to these somewhere, 'View my threads', 'View threads I have posted in'.

Anyone else think this is a good idea? The risk with the current system is that people will get fed up of all the notifications and set it to no, but by separating the two we get them to at least continue to be notified of their own threads automatically.


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(Sorry guys I did search first)

Btw is it possible to merge the threads? I think I have a few things that are not in the original thread but may be useful to Mike & Kier when they are reviewing the thread.