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Split Reply Permission 1.0.0

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Liam W

Well-known member
Liam W submitted a new resource:

Split Reply Permission - Can reply to own thread, can reply to others' thread.

This is a relatively simple add-on that will add two new permissions to your installation:
  • Post replies to own threads
  • Post replies to others' threads
You must still give users' the 'Post replies' permission! The new permissions depend on that existing permission.
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Well-known member
Thanks for this Liam! Works like a charm!

Just note for anyone installing this: When installing on a live board, the default is "No (not set)" for "post replies to own threads" and "post replies to others' threads". As a result after installing on a live board, nobody is able to post replies anywhere, until the admin sets both of the above to "Allow" in the usergroup permissions.


Well-known member
I was looking for these 2 permissions since I migrated away from vbulletin. Thanks much. Makes my moderators jobs easier keeping the malware removal threads clean when only the malware experts and thread starter can reply.
@Liam W - I know this is marked unmaintained, but is there any chance of a version for XF2? This has become a totally invaluable feature on my forum and I don't know of any other add-on that implements it.


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I'm not sure what causes an add-on to be marked unmaintained, but does this work with the latest version of XF1?