XF 1.4 Split one forum into two forums


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I have one XF 1.4 forum with several interests that I'd like to split into two XF 1.4 forums. I'd like to change my current forum license (oldforum) to a new domain name (newforum), then have the new forum license use the old name (oldforum).

Obviously, I will need to buy a new license for the additional forum.

My thoughts:
  1. I already have the new domain registered and pointed to a server
  2. Purchase the additional license
  3. Turn off the current board
  4. install oldforum software and add-ins software under new domain name
  5. question: Can I merely copy the forum database over to the new domain or should I import the data from old to new with the XF import function?
  6. question: I have a number of files that have been uploaded in oldforum through the Resources add-in - what is the best way to move those?
  7. Change the license and domain information with Xenforo
  8. Activate oldforum and delete topics not needed for this forum.
  9. Delete add-in software for the new license
  10. Delete forum topics not needed for the newforum
  11. activate newforum.

Is there anything else I should consider?



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Your best bet is probably to copy the DB and the entirety of the XF directory (and all sub-directories). Then you can just remove the parts that you don't want.