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Speed up your XenForo site

Amin Sabet

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Amin Sabet submitted a new resource:

Speed up your XenForo site - Tips for improving your XenForo board performance

I've been working pretty hard to get my XenForo forums speedy and thought I'd share some lessons learned here. This isn't meant to be comprehensive where I explain everything. More of a checklist.

Some of these are rather obvious, for example...

1) Get a good host and a powerful server. I use and recommend Hivelocity, but there are lots of good hosts. Don't skimp on RAM.

Just a side note: I had read a lot about LiteSpeed being faster than Apache, and I leased LiteSpeed...
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Nice I always love fast loading pages :D

FYI, You can still get fast loading pages with Xenforo Google, Facebook and Twitter sign ups enabled.. don't be so focused on the actual score number and page load times but more about sub tests and their meaning and the initial perceived visual render time of a page. For that webpagetest.org is better suited for tests as GTmetrix chrome browser is too out dated Chrome 36 doesn't support HTTP/2 either only Chrome 43+

oh and don't use unthrottled GTmetrix connection speed, use Cable 5Mbps and 3G connection speeds for more real world page load tests


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The Admin Zone (https://theadminzone.com/) feels very fast in use despite relatively low scores.
needs some page fat cut

on 3G with relatively closest test locations for each site

my forums are in california but closest is dallas test location


if gtmetrix used chrome 46 instead of 36, it would support HTTP/2 which would be faster for my forums and any site using https and HTTP/2
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I also love speedy sites, I pay too much attention on that. (speed+performance) and I'm very interested to run my next project on CentminMod LEMP + with ngx_pagespeed. in Linode, but the learning curve seems very high. :barefoot:
eva2000, it would be great create a zone for beginners on https://community.centminmod.com/ ;)
Pre-install questions forums https://community.centminmod.com/forums/install-upgrades-or-pre-install-questions.8/ :)

official install guide http://centminmod.com/download.html and post install getting started guide http://centminmod.com/getstarted.html :D

xenforo setup http://centminmod.com/nginx_configure_xenforo_seo_friendly_urls.html

Amin Sabet

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if gtmetrix used chrome 46 instead of 36, it would support HTTP/2 which would be faster for my forums and any site using https and HTTP/2
HTTP/2 is one thing I gave up lately in changing from LiteSpeed to Apache. But they seem faster after that change. Faster time to first byte and start render times. Not sure why.