Implemented Special instruction popup before posting in specific forums

Mr Lucky

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People are famous for not reading T&C, notices or stickies.

So what I want is a small popup you can instigate on specific forums that have special posting requirements:

e.g. on a for sale forum people might get:

"Please note when posting a for sale notice, you must include an asking price, returns policy and shipping information"

On recipe forum:

"Please note the format of your recipe must include a bullet pointed list of ingredients and instructions, and ideally include an image"
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No, it's possible right now. You can select the forum and specify the template (thread_create) as page conditions.

Mr Lucky

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Thanks, I'll look into that to see if it suits. Ideally it would be a popup as it should be something that stops people in their tracks before posting, however if I make the notice big enough it should do the trick instead, thanks.