Not a bug Spam Remove everything in thread_view no page reload


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In moderator queue I see a spam post. I click on the thread title and am redirected to the thread with the moderated post. I click on Spam > Remove everything. A popup appears whether or not other users are found with similar IP addresses. Then I click OK. I am on the same page again where the moderated message is still displayed as before: "to be moderated". So I click on the spam link again etc.

Only until I reload the page, I see the moderated message was actually handled with (and deleted).

Would be good to SPAM remove a user also from the moderator queue


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As you rightly point out, the page isn't refreshed (intentionally) so nothing changes. This applies to a virtually unlimited set of things that you might see - the username and styling, the forum, the thread status, the total reports and the moderation queue count (and probably other things).

Since we're not refreshing the page, we're not trying to update any of those. It's not in the scope of what's attempted or expected.