Spam phrases problem


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Face such a problem that Spam phrase function does not work out phrases and words when spammers started substituting individual characters in phrases, replacing fonts.
Has anyone encountered anything like this? I'm already tired of put in the Spam phrase variants of the same word and phrase, in which one of the letters is simply replaced.

Thank you!
My users know how to get around it as well, but am not concerned about it.

I have some words in the "spam phrase" settings for words that will get users labeled as spammers who don't care about the site, and the variants in the "censoring" settings for items from normal users.

Once a user realizes that it isn't cool, they will eventually know not to do it on their own.
To make it clear what I mean, this are different phrases for the Spam phrases function.
and there are just hundreds, thousands of options, you just change letters and signs in different fonts and they are skipped by Spam phrases function.
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Has anyone encountered this, and how did you handle it?
The number of spam registration is simply off the scale, no captchas and plugins help, any changes help literally for 1 hour or 2.
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