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XF 1.2 Spam Management too restrictive?


Active member
I run XF 1.2.4 and I use the Spam Management function that I really like. However, is this possible that the default settings are a bit too restrictive?

When I look at the account that are waiting confirmation, there are many that seem legit to me.



Well-known member
The system will need to be fine tuned to your specific needs. The defaults work to catch many of the spammers, but if you feel it is catching too many false positives, you should loosen the restrictions.


Active member
Here's my settings, how can I soften them? What parameters should I change? I'm not very familiar with antispam things....




XenForo moderator
Staff member
There are only a few fields.
Experiment with the values until you strike a balance which suits your site.