XF 1.5 Spam in thread title

For longer time I have problem with spam in thread title (see picture). Daily I get 3-5 such threads.

I saw on forum that this was reported bug in Xenforo but that it was fixed last year.
I think that I have all correctly configured in admin panel. I have filled "Spam Phrases" with common words in spam thread title but it doesn't help. Is there something else what needs to be configured?



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Are you wondering why your spam phrases aren't blocking that? We'll need to see what's in your phrases then. Note that if you have individual words listed, they're unlikely to be picked up here as the URL is likely to be considered a single word.
This is my spam words list:
credit card

Do you plan to block URLs in thread title? As you can see in picture in first post there is no purpose in posting URLs in titles, and blocking this will stop large amount of spam


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Titles are tested against spam phrases. But they're considered no differently than the body (the title and the body are combined together for testing). The particular phrases you have won't match anything in this title. Certainly, one option would be to use a regex match, but this would match any URL (not just in the title):
hey guys

I'm having this very same problem, and I hate to moderate them manually

Any chance you know where I can set those phrases in my XF CP?