XF 1.1 Spam filter


I'm a bit confused about the Spam filter. I've had a few spam user register to my site, who post spammy posts. When I use the Spam Cleaner on them, it removes them, but also flags up other users from that same IP address.

But for some reason I appear in that list as well. First I thought maybe it had something to do with caching or something, but it actually shows me I was online 30 minutes ago on that particular IP address, which is incorrect.

Has anyone seen that problem before? Does it mean my forum has been compromised?

The following users are logged as having used IP addresses used by [spam username] recently.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 09.33.05.png


Nope, I am using a CDN - but i think that only works on the Wordpress side of the site.

I think my hosting provider might be using something like Varnish (some server side caching); could that explain it?


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Yeah, that's likely the case. I couldn't reverse DNS that IP so I don't know much about it. They really should have something in place to reset the IPs in Apache (or whatever web server) to their original version, as otherwise your web server logs will be pointless.

There is a workaround you can do in XF, but it's definitely preferable if the host resolves it if it's from something they're doing.