Spam cleaner, SAVED MY LIFE today!


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Alright today I was hit by major spam, they bypassed captcha and email activation.. and I was gone for one hour and had about 6 join my forum, and spam gay hardcore porn, saw some things that I thought I wouldnt have to see :p Anyways thanks to the Spam cleaner it was just a few clicks and it took care of it. Dont know what I would do without the spam cleaner. Saved me a whole lot of time and problems. So thanks for that devs! Very handy :)

They also managed to PM members hardcore porn, so I highly recommend the Report Conversations mod which allowed me to be notified of the PMs. Thanks Dismounted :)


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They both do the same thing, but I think the Stop Forum Spam is specific whereas the Xen Utilities just recently added that functionality.

steven s

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Im talking about a addon for xenforo not a site btw... whats better xen utilities or stopforumspam?
I'm not sure how either one works.

I would want one that lets me select what I want to check.
and contribute to sfs database

I have the one on my vB3 site to check ips and email only.
When it checked username, I got a lot of false positives.
I get some false positives based on ip.

I have zen utilities and it has a legit username in the log who is registered.
I don't really understand how it works.