XF 1.1 Spam Cleaner question


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Our members are only allowed in after they purchase a membership, register, and we approve them. Very rarely do we get spammers.

A few of our customers (5-10 out of thousands) are having issues with not being able to "see" the forum from one of their access points (desktop, tablet, phone, work computer). When you click on their profile, "spam cleaner" is next to their name with the options to ban, delete, etc. Is there a way to remove this so that they can log in from that IP address, essentially saying they are "okay"?


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The Spam Cleaner link is only available to moderators with the permission and has no relevance to members and what parts of the site they can access.

You may want to run the permissions analyser on those members to determine why they have no permission to view various content.

Edit: I have just noticed the prefix is set as 1.1 so that feature won't be available. In which case you will need to manually check the permissions of those members.


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Gotcha. It doesn't always show up on member's profiles, so I thought something in the system was pre-identifying them as spam based on a IP address or something. I modified hie user's permissions. Hopefully this will work :) Thanks!