XF 1.2 Spam cleaner not working for Guests


I have a "new and unregistered users" portion of my forum that allows guests to post without signing up. I figured this would be good for non-technical users who couldn't figure out the registration process or for people who wanted to report a bug or some problem with logging in or registering, or just a place for people to voice their opinions without registering.

Unfortunately this also brings with it spammers posting, most of the spam gets thrown into a moderation que but I'd like to utilize the spam cleaner on all of the spam. I figure it will block IPs for future use at the least right?

Why would it not be available for Guests and not be able to search on the IP that posted the spam and remove all things from that IP?


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It's not available for guests as it cleans out posts by a user. Similarly, it looks for users that have the same IP. If you want to do IP banning, you will need to do it manually.

You're generally limited with what you can do with guest posters.


Any thoughts on adding more functionality to guest posters in the future or expanding the Spam Cleaner to guests? Or possibly having a feature to remove all posts by a certain IP?

btw, thanks for the quick reply, and the awesome work you guys do on this forum software!