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Spam cleaner integration?


Formerly Super120
It looks like when using the spam cleaner against someone their albums (and media) also get deleted. I think it's ok and means that the gallery is integrated with the spam cleaner.

However at admin.php?options/list/spam I don't see the "Delete spammer's media" checkbox nor on the spam cleaner options that appear when a moderator clicks con the link "Spam".

Is this intentional, a missing option or a bug?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It's intentional and consistent with other add-ons (including the Resource Manager).

For the most part the "Move / delete spammer's threads" option takes care of Resources, Albums and Media items. Actually, currently that option takes care of Media Comments too, but I think that should be set to the "Delete spammer's messages" so I've made that change for the next release.

But, yeah, long story short, this is all working as intended.