Spam and Disposable email addresses

Spam and Disposable email addresses 0.4

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Sorry, but ********. :)

It is as HWS says, GMX is one of a hand full big and serius freemail provider in germany - I by my self use a "" mail adress. So please dont give such horrible hints. is realy fake, but definitly dont .net, .de, .ch and .at !


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none of this email not works, and everyone can register with no problems, this must work when add only single email in register field and click register, but not works none of listed email.


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@ŽivaAkcija to hard to block those emails yourself? there are always new disposable emails available out there. this list only helps new admins or current admins with a starter list.

why don't you add new ones in and export your xf_ban_email table in sql and let other benefit from your work?

and as for guerrilla mail mail if it has same domain name like this @guerrillamail

you'd do something like this *@guerrillamail.*
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