XF 1.3 Spam Accounts/Postings

I am having a lot of spam accounts on my forum, any tips and tricks to get this off my forum. Also any easy way to just delete all the accounts at once?

Kind of new to the whole forum thing and this is the only thing that has driven me crazy.


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Use the spam cleaner and set up the spam criteria.

As for deleting accounts all at once, I don't think that's possible in the core.
I used spam cleaner and just is not working right it seems. Finally just put every new user for approval and changed my question in registration to a harder question and it seems to be helping, but need to get rid of a bunch of user names.

Luckily there are only like 8 members that are full time cause the site has not officially launched I wonder if I would be better off deleting every user? Is that possible?


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What value do you have set here?



Even with the minimum value of 1 it should still show the top result.
Are you sure you are running 1.3?


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The batch update users function is only available in a later release.

You will need to upgrade or delete each member individually.